Statement Of Purpose: Physical Therapy

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In my second application cycle, I was able secure a rehabilitation technician position with ATI Physical Therapy Women's Health Center. I had wanted this job from when I first found this profession while getting therapy for my foot. I was thrown into many situations in my first couple of days on the job. For example, there were several instances where I almost mixed patient files up and began exercises with the wrong patient. It was also difficult for me to achieve complete communication with the patients due to my lack of experience speaking professionally with patients. However, after working for several months, my confidence in working with therapists and running patients through their flowsheets of various exercises has become second-nature…show more content…
I know that I am able to improve and perform with greater success this cycle, which I would like to demonstrate that to the selection committees. If I am articulated into the 2017 DPT program at your institution, I would be easily adjusted to the demands of the program given my experience and knowledge I have gleaned this gap year in my education. I have noticed just how important checking someone's mental health is when it comes to their journey through physical therapy. As a result, I have decided to take upper level psychology courses to understand how exactly their emotions are taking an effect on their treatment in physical therapy. I knew this would affect their treatment but once I witnessed these effects in person while working at the women's health clinic I was able to modify my approach to each patient’s needs. These classes include Abnormal and Developmental Lifespan Psychology. I was able to closely observe several types of physical therapy appointments which I was not aware existed until I began my technician job. This sparked my interest and I began to research different types of physical therapy including home, cardiopulmonary, and vestibular health. The therapists would speak about their clinical experiences in great detail to me, obviously in a professional
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