Statement Of Purpose Statement

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Statement of Purpose Every child has a hero. And the hero influences the child life in many ways and ultimately it plays a crucial part in a child’s life from the early stages of childhood to become a successful man. No I am not talking about any artificial super hero like Superman, Ironman or Batman. My real life hero was my dad. And he is a successful Businessman, an entrepreneur and an industrialist. Since my childhood I saw him studying stock exchange, analysing data, inspecting market for new product and new investment opportunity. And he always studied the cost and risk involved with the project and how to minimize them before starting the business. My dad told me ‘if you want to be a successful entrepreneur then you have to learn fundamental…show more content…
So I started applying for marketing jobs and attending the interviews. But the job market was very tough, and opportunity didn’t come along very easily. But I never gave up and I was keep trying to get a job where I can improve my academic and creativity skills and so that I can get to know more about financial world. After a lot of job applications finally I got a call from a company called Paymentsense to attend an interview. Paymentsense is a leading merchant service provider in UK and it is in associated with Bank of Scotland Merchant Services. It is the fastest growing business in Europe with €16.5 MILLION revenue each year since 2009. Although I did not have any idea about how the whole card processing industry works but in the interview I maintained a positive approach towards the desire of learning and mastering a new skill called marketing and I showed strong eye contact and a can do attitude. Moreover I went along with explaining that I am highly motivated, enthusiastic, dynamic, quick learner, self-starter, neat, honest, hard worker and my creative skills and think outside of the box ideas will be a well-regarded asset for the company. After the satisfactory interview they offered me the role of Business Development
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