Statement Of Purpose: Step Program

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1. STEP’s College-Prep Program seems to be a great opportunity to gain valuable information about colleges and universities including how to be accepted. I am ready to apply for the scholarships available through the STEP Program and what to expect when preparing to enroll in some of the best schools. Overall within this program I am wishing to be successful in my education which I know is important for my future. I am hoping to accomplish great things in life looking forward to attending a good quality university. Overall I want my education to be superior and earn at least a bachelor’s degree. Becoming more independent would be of much hope knowing that soon in life I will be responsible of much more than myself. Therefore, I wish to receive the guidance for these valuable opportunities to achieve my expectations for my education by joining this priceless advantageous program. 2. Part A: •Spanish Club •Be a Leader Club Part B: •I have not held any leadership positions.…show more content…
My strengths include being trustworthy, friendly, patient, honest, responsible, committed to my education, and trying my best in everything. To my opinion they are helpful to have throughout the cycle of life. Although I obtain multiple strengths, I have been challenged by stressing for everything, over thinking, having the habit of being a perfectionist, and shyness. I will hopefully get over these challenges which will make me feel more comfortable in these later years. I am willing to convert my challenges into strengths. As a result, I believe STEP’s College-Prep Program is a great way to start improving the challenges I obtain and to add additional strengths to my
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