Statement Of Purpose: Thurmont Ambulance Service

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On a typical Friday night, most of my peers are hanging out with friends, out partying or even staying home to do homework. My Friday nights aren’t quite like that. My typical Friday night could include a car accident, a cardiac arrest, and an overdose all within one twelve hour period. After I realized I could become more active and make a difference in my community, I decided to join the Thurmont Ambulance Company once I turned 16. In this organization, I respond to emergency and non-emergency medical and fire calls, participate in public safety education nights, and work fundraisers to help fund our services. This past year, I volunteered 462.5 duty hours and responded to 55 ambulance calls. The opportunities I have been offered because of this organization are amazing. I am now a certified Hazardous Materials responder and have learned basic knowledge on the use of foam for firefighting through my Protective Envelope and Foam Certification.
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