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Statement of Purpose I am applying to PhD in finance because I want to continue my life and work as a researcher and lecturer in this field at an accredited university. I am extremely interested in issues related to corporate finance and like to conduct research, especially in the domain of financing, entrepreneurial financing, capital structure, valuation, merger and acquisition, investment banking, and real estate finance. Therefore, I need to acquire extensive knowledge in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, statistics, and applied mathematics. I believe that PhD in finance would not only enable me to acquire considerable knowledge in these fields but also combine my quantitative skills with managerial skills. I believe that my studies in the fields of industrial engineering and MBA at the Hormozgan University and the University of Economic Sciences, which are among the best universities in mathematics and economics in Iran, combined with my practical experience, will enable me to achieve my aim.…show more content…
This fact is also true in case of society. Society excellence requires the consent of all its members. Regular personal development programs such as free studies, writing articles for local and regional press, participation in professional social networks such as LinkedIn, walking, swimming, and cycling are my most popular entertainments and give me vitality and energy to continue work and life. Membership in provincial think tank, attending investment committee of Bandar Abbas municipality, and membership in the AA charity for orphans are my most important voluntary activities. I am trying to contribute toward building a better society than its current

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