Statement Of Strengths And Weaknesses

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STATEMENT OF STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Until the cold arms of death grips the soul, the human life continuous to be a learning process. To thrive on this pathway to success, being able to recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses in every facet of life plays a key role. It could the positive abilities and skills that can help achieve our goals or the negative personal areas that need improvement. As humans, it is undeniable that we all have our fortes and faintness. There is therefore the need to realize our potentials and work on our weaknesses in our quest to become superior human beings. First of all, my greatest weakness is my inability to comprehend the ideas communicated in longer passages on topics I am not familiar with upon my initial reading. For such passages to make meaning and produce melodies to my ears, two to three times reading will have to be made. It is generally challenging to understand what is being communicated and what is required of me within the limited time provided. This from time to time increases the height of my nervousness whenever there is a test to be taken which is based on general knowledge, such as biology, history, archeology and the likes wired together since it is difficult to tell which areas the questions will be asked from. Consequently, this affects my grades whenever my tests are not…show more content…
On campus, I have led almost every group I find myself to be part of. From assignment-based groups to groups based on personal studies. My major roles have been the motivation and coordination of group members and group activities respectively. My capacity as a leader is coupled with time management abilities as well. My leadership abilities are not recent developments. They can be dated back to my Junior High School days (that is, nine years ago) when I was the assistant boys’ prefect. I consider myself a coach in this leadership

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