Statement of Interest in Pursuing a PhD Degree in Hydraulic Fracturing

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I write to express my interest in pursuing a PhD degree in hydraulic fracturing in the department of Mineral and Resource Engineering, DDD University. I am excited about the opportunities that abound for a research work in unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs and the impact of such work in enhancing optimal development and hydrocarbon recovery. I discussed my interests with Dr. John Doe, who has also obliged to serve as my supervisor should I be admitted into the doctorate program.
The role of shale oil, shale gas, tight oil and tight gas reservoirs, generally classified as unconventional reservoirs, in meeting with the ever-increasing energy demand has come under serious considerations in recent times. While significant successes have
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I also took courses in Engineering Mathematics and passed these courses with distinctions.
In my quest to gain deeper knowledge about hydrocarbon reservoirs, I took up a trainee engineer position at Delta/Terratek Limited, a core analysis company in Nigeria, after completing my undergraduate studies. I learnt how to use gas porosimeter and permeameter to determine porosity and permeability of rock samples which are key parameters that influence production and recovery of hydrocarbons from the reservoirs. I was able to analysis these data, combine such with petrophysical and lithological description of slabbed core samples to characterize reservoirs. I analyzed X-ray images of core samples to identify natural fracture structures within the reservoir core samples as well as carried out particle size analysis on ditch cuttings samples of some oil reservoirs. My work in the laboratory helped me to better understand the reservoir pore systems, and I intend adapting these experiences to further my studies in enhancing recovery from unconventional hydrocarbon plays.
I am currently, a Master of Engineering student in Petroleum Engineering at Dalhousie University, with a project focused on oil recovery from oilsands by cavitation process. I am looking at the effect of particle size on oil ablation from sand particles while samples of oilsand slurry are

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