Statement of Purpose: College Admission Essay

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To whom it concerns in admissions: I write to extol my virtues which make me an acceptable to outstanding candidate to be a XXX degree candidate at XXX University. I come to this program with professional and real world experience. I have an experiential and technical understanding of the supreme qualities to be effective in management. My professional history demonstrates that I have the capability to apply myself to a task and sustain a diligent effort over time. These are some of the qualities and aspects from my experience that I bring to this program to assist my successful admission and completion. I am a businesswoman who built a company within a third-world or developing country. Life in countries as these is arduous enough as is, but to be a person endeavoring to run a business, especially a woman, is an arduous task of another order. Despite and even because of the challenges I have faced, I have overcome and become a more resilient and effective professional. My professional experience in this developing country is additionally a relevant and modern perspective to have within the study body at XXX University as well as within the management program specifically. Many professionals are returning to school to deepen their perspective, widen their skill set, and update their knowledge for the 21st century with 21st century methods. I am one of these following entering this trend or practice. I am applying for admission because I know I am skilled and am an asset,
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