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In the past few years, India has been getting ready to become one of the strongest economies in the world. The current slogan `India Shining’ adopted by one of the country’s political parties, is most apt in business. With liberalization, the country has seen tremendous growth. Multinationals have poured in bringing with them, huge opportunity and most importantly, optimism for the future. The feel good factor is upon us, and I, as an Indian, revel in the new business avenues being thrown open for generation next. I started my education by schooling at St. Lawrence High School, one of Mumbai’s most prestigious schools where the bar for educational achievement was set high, but the importance of a well-rounded
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The reason I have chosen to study in Singapore is because it has grown into a thriving centre for commerce and industry. It has also become one of the most important financial centres of Asia, with more than 130 banks. And EASB is also awarded for maintaining robust academic systems and processes, and upholding quality standards in its delivery of programmes. And I, as a student will always look forward to such a promising environment to study in. I believe that MBA in Finance at EASB Institute of Management is a highly structured program because it provides the right balance between theory and practice. I have also chosen your Institute because of its outstanding faculty and performance that it is accredited with. The Institute is central to so much vibrant activity and with a Cultural Strategy now in place, it would always be preferable for a keen person like me to breath in such a surrounding. I am extremely enthusiastic to undertake this course at your university and know that I would be keen to contribute to the quality of student life and the flow of ideas in any way possible. I hope to be given an opportunity to demonstrate my ability to benefit from and contribute to the programme. It will give me immense happiness and pride to

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