Statement of Purpose: Guidepost for Tackling the Problem of Road Safety

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The two examples of Senate testimony are quite different, from the congenial non-urgent approach of Fred Rogers perhaps a more pressing issue from the late 1960s might have made a better comparable to the urgency of Al Gore's 2009 testimony on climate change. The tone of the interview is a major difference, and I would want to deal with road safety more with the tone used in the Fred Rogers approach. The reason is simple I can read statistics for myself. What I would want to get from my interview is a sense from those involved in road safety police officers, transportation authority officials and civil engineers as to what approaches work best. I want a philosophical guidepost for tackling the problem of road safety. I do not need to be spurred to action, but rather I want to hear from people who are already doing it right. I have three questions then about the interview process. First - how much talking should the interviewer do? Second Who should be the interviewees? Third How much research should I do before the interview to ensure that my questions are intelligent and thought-provoking? I would want to hear specifically from police officers at first, because I want to identify the problem in specific detail, so that I will have better questions when I start talking at a later point to the transportation safety bureaucrats and civil engineers whose job it is to fix those problems. Road safety is a critical issue I am already motivated by the thousands who perish on our

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