Statement of Purpose: Job in Advertising

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Dear Zain: I am a recent graduate of American University with a degree in marketing. My fluency in English and Arabic, combined with my fluency of the cultures of both the Middle East and the United States, makes me an ideal match for the aspirations and outlook of Zain. Zain is a pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East. The exclusive use of mobile technology is increasingly how the average consumer conducts his or her business and personal endeavors, spanning from banking to shopping. I wish to become a part of Zain in its promotions and advertisement department. I know that the company will play a critical role in the way that users across the region and the world access information and I desire to become part of that evolution. Like the multicultural, international outlook of Zain, my training and experience has likewise been internationally-focused and honed to create connections between individuals of various backgrounds and nations. My grades and the quality of my final university project are testimony to my hard work and to my commitment to innovation. What is not evident in my academic record, but is one of my strongest attributes, is the fact that I am always the person in the room who comes up with the idea that makes people turn and ask: "how did you think of that?" This willingness to challenge the dominant paradigm and to take consumers by surprise is what is demanded to stay relevant in the world of mobile technology. I have sent my resume
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