Statement of Purpose: Master in Computer Science

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Statement of Purpose/Computer Science Master Playing games on my father's computer as a child fascinated me in the way the computer works, how fast it develops, and now how the computer helps the world to communicate. It still amazes me in how fast computers change and how communication across the globe is enhanced with the computer. Computers have drastically changed how society lives and does business. Even small businesses can do global sales without leaving their location. With new strategies for business, comes cyber threats of identity theft and theft of intellectual property that brings information technology security and new laws into play. It is becoming a fast and ever challenging world. Computer science enables the ability to program software for protection against these kinds of threats and vulnerabilities. It also enables the ability to program artificial intelligence into the computer system software to enable society to meet their needs in more appropriate ways. I have also developed a strong interest in mathematics in the way it enables problem solving, which is a big part of computer science. It fascinates me in how the fundamental properties of computational problems are explored with the computational complexity theory. By approaching the description of the computation, using the programming language theory, the programming investigates the use of the programming language and complex system. Besides Information Security, the world of Artificial
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