Statement of Purpose: Master's in Risk Management at Glasgow Caledonian University

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I have certainly realized that the moral action in the contemporary world is to pursue a career that allows the capacity to influence others in managing the impact that the socio-political environment has on all of us. To that end, I would like to present my application and credentials for a graduate work at the Glasgow Caledonian University Master's in Risk Management. I am particularly interested in your programs because of the extensive research and reputation of the department, and the focus not only on a holistic framework, but the ability to collaborate with colleagues and businesses in the area as well as internationally. I believe that your program is s on the cutting edge of the needs for organizations, and the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are just what I am looking for in an educational institution. As globalization continues to evolve, it is important that we contribute to prepare for a different world than that of the 20th century. By focusing on sustainability and risk management in a more holistic manner, I believe my degree from the Pratt Institute will allow me to pursue a meaningful career in which I can "pay it forward" and help society move forward with more appropriate and sustainable practices
Even prior to my…
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