Statement of Purpose: Masters in Risk Managment at Glasgow Caledonian University

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The Westing game by Ellen Raskin was full of lots of characters. A game secretly designed to pull out a sole heir for the Westing estate; it had many clues and characters. Even though a well defined mystery, there was no one single main character. Turtle Wexler, who is the daughter of grace and jack Wexler, wins the game eventually. Even though she wins the game there and the she doesn't let the others know until five years later. If turtle Wexler goes missing in the book then all the characters would be befuddled and lost about where to go. The story gets started when Sam Westing is declared dead and the game is started. Turtle's partner in the game is the dress maker Flora Baumbach who would be more worried about losing turtle. Even though turtle might appear immature with her braided hair and the bank of kicking people I the shin, she turns out to be the smartest of all. She convinced Flora that to win the game they should invest in the stock market. Description of the missing: Turtle Wexler can be described as a teenage girl with blond hair. She is quick perk and daring as was guessed from her willingness to go into the Westing house on Halloweens night. She came running out of the house when saw the dead body of Sam Westing. Her dressing sense is not very preppy as she appears to be more of a t shirt and jeans sort of person. Compared to her elder sister Angela, turtle is described as not very attractive and gorgeous. People interacted with: unlike other people of her

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