Statement of Purpose: Masters of Science Program in Environmental Engineering

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The 21st century has brought with it a deluge of information and an exorbitant amount of environmental crises around the world. My interests and skills coincide, expand, and deepen at the prospect of entrance to a Masters of Science program in the area of Environmental Engineering in the country of Singapore.
I am concerned for the world and I am concerned for Singapore. Every species on Earth, including humans has a deep and direct connection with the environment. Therefore, environmental issues are issues that concern us all. I wish to channel my energy, abilities, and curiosity into the Master of Science program at the National University of Singapore. Before applying for admission to this prestigious program, I have earned a diploma in Information Technology in 2005 in the country of Singapore. I am familiar and well-versed with the academic practices, expectations, and culture in higher formal education in this country. Furthermore, I pursued and acquired a Bachelor of Science degree with 2nd Upper Honours from the Australian National University in 2011.
The combination of an academic background with high achievement in information technology and…
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