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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE FOR MS APPLIED STATISTICS. Right from childhood, I was fond of mathematics and how it had the ability to convey a lot of information with so little illustrations. This, together with my consistent good performance in mathematics throughout high school, was responsible for the nurturing of a special interest in it. This childhood zeal in the subject gradually crystallized into a more mature form as I stepped into higher studies. The most significant influence on my life has been my parents. They have encouraged me to learn more always, therefore, instilling in me an urge to know beyond what is evident and a drive to study more than what was demanded by my high school teachers. These habits not only helped…show more content…
I had full semester in-depth training in several mathematical, probability and statistical courses; notably amongst them are regression analysis, time series analysis, sample survey theory and stochastic processes. These courses gave me an insight into applied statistics through the practical problem based projects I undertook during my classes. I realized my passion for statistics when I performed exceptionally in each of these courses. I had to be methodical and diligent in my studies to be able to excel consistently. In view of this, I learnt the ability to think in an organized and efficient manner, became a fast learner and gained confidence to live up to the requirements of any coursework. Side by side with these courses, I received highly rigorous training in calculus and algebra, through a three semester calculus sequence and two semesters training in linear and abstract algebra. Moreover, my exposure to the world of computers at an early age gave me the opportunity to develop a considerable degree of familiarity with computers over the years. My self-study on the C programing language basics made it relatively easier for me to grasp the advanced concepts of computer languages and programing during my undergraduate studies. I have officially had a semester of training and fairly proficient in each of the following courses; Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Excel, MATLAB,
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