Statement of Purpose

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When I was a freshmen in AU, my friend asked me to help him out with his small business, since

I’m specialize in public speaking, communicating with people, and able to speak in various languages:

Cantonese, English, Thai, and Spanish. He had screen printed many different styles of T-shirt, which he

designed himself with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. He wanted me to help him to promote and sell

those T-shirts on the street nearby the Ramkhamhaeng road, and also in my university. It was my first

time ever laid my hands on real business. Through this, I’ve learned that business is a lot more complex

than just knowledge, theories or skills. During my studies in university, I took Phycology and Principle of

Marketing courses.
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I remember that I was excluded in everything, and eventually

became solitude, because all my friends were Thai. My communication difficulties consequently created

an unfortunate obstacle in my social life; however, this provided me the motivation to improve myself.

Finally, after a long period of struggle, I am able to speak Thai fluently, in addition I have perfected

my English skills. I was very astonished about how drastically I had improved and how well I was now

able to communicate with people without relying on my mother tongue language. From this, I have

learned that, personal growth only occurs when one constantly work hard and attempts to breakthrough

boundaries. I firmly believe that there is nothing that cannot be achieved, with enough determination

and practice, much like the saying, “practice makes perfect”, I realize that hard work and attitude is the

main key to success just like what Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or can’t—you’re

right”. Along with this enlightenment, it had strengthened my beliefs and intellectual in the theory of

life. This unique but valuable experience I went through helped me develops my courage, patience, and


There are two reasons why I wanted to study at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). First,

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