Statement of Purpose: Studying Architecture

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Jpz777 03/09/2013 Order # 2088074 The choice to pursue architecture, both as my current course of study and as my eventual career, was based on a number of influences throughout my life, but having begun that journey with my work here I am confident that I made the right decision. My motivation to become an architect was nurtured from an early age by my very supportive family, and in fact many of my most enduring childhood memories were formed while visiting my father on his construction job sites and real estate projects. Watching skilled workers use raw materials to transform the potential contained within a set of blueprints into an enormous, perfectly constructed building intrigued me every time I saw the process firsthand, and I knew that I wanted to be involved in this field in one capacity or another. Although my admitted lack of the esoteric financial knowledge needed to achieve success in real estate and construction, which my father so naturally applies during his dealings, kept me from following in his proverbial footsteps, studying architecture provided me with an opportunity work alongside him nonetheless. One of my most valued influences has been the input of his firm's architectural consultant, a respected figure in the profession who has provided mentorship and instruction as I develop my abilities. If it wasn't for my father's willingness to expose me to the intricacies of the construction and real estate business, I would never have been exposed to the
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