Statement of Purpose for Becoming a Nurse

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For the first time, in a long time I know what I want and that is- to become a Nurse. Every day, through my work as a Healthcare assistant, I am given the opportunity to better the lives of one of the most vulnerable people in society, providing 12 hour care to the elderly living with dementia in a nursing home. It is an excellent learning environment and throughout the year I have been working there, I gained various skills which will be useful during my training such as safer manual handling, through my frequent use of hoists and slide sheets to transfer immobile residents, different ways of resolving challenging behaviour and preserving dignity as well as performing first aid. The dementia patients I care for are a constant reminder to me why I want to become a Nurse and to put it in simple words- I love the feeling of satisfaction when caring for others. It is in our human nature to care for ourselves, our family or our friends but a strong passion required to do so for others. I feel this is something that sets me apart from others. I face the challenges of being responsible for the lives of over 10 residents completely dependent on myself and three other staffs. And so it helped me to develop the ability to stay composed when working under pressure; I learned just how vital different forms of communications are as working with residents with dementia you learn about them as individuals, their habits, manners and personality without the need of verbal communication.
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