Statement of Purpose for China

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Statement of Purpose
I am a dreamer. I believe that with a healthy amount of reality and idealism combined, the synergy resulting from that can be something undoubtedly powerful. Being a native Chinese, I left my home country at an age of seven and spent most of my lifetime in Austria. In the last part of high school, I went to the U.S, where I was able to finish the senior year as the year-best with legal honor. Even though I had numerous offers from reputable US and European universities, a tightly knit social network in both US and in Austria, and loving parents, I felt I was living the wrong life. I was eager to increase my impact on society and felt that only by being in China could I be this agent of change, whom I dreamed to become. Leaving Austria would be a simple choice had it not been for its heart-breaking implications. I had to choose which was dearest to my heart and which was most important to my dream: the country which I was passionate about or the people whom I loved; a hard-working yet promising professional life in China or a comfortable and emotionally fulfilling life in Austria. All these propositions forced me to reflect upon the life I had, the life I wanted to lead, and the compromises I was willing to make for it. Finally, I concluded that having a significant impact in China, which was in transition, would be my priority and I was ready to leave my comfort zone, heading to an unknown, yet promising future.
I am a realist. My dreams take their
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