Essay about Statement of Purpose for Humanities Degree

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I have always wanted to continue my education abroad to build a successful international career and to improve my English. As the education system in England is quite different from that in Russia, I am applying for a one year International Foundation Programme at _____________ in order to enter an undergraduate course next year. Even though I have not decided yet what exact undergraduate course I will take for my undergraduate studies I am very clear that my future career would lie in the field of Humanities. My major interests are related to Arts, History, Literature and other aspects of Humanities. I am fascinated by studying of History as this subject can help understand and even predict the future through the past. Studying…show more content…
For my part, I believe I will make a good student. First of all, I always was and will be an active member of the community. For example, at my secondary school I participated in a drama club, organised school’s jubilee celebration and numerous festivals, and took part in concerts as both singer and recite. Secondly, I trust I am an open and easy-going person who loves making friends with people of different nationalities and is keen on learning from them. My hobbies are singing, mountain skiing and horse riding, and I hope I will find people to share these interests among my fellow classmates. I believe that the International Foundation Programme would acquire a capable, versatile, and active student in me and I hope very much that the Admissions Team would favorably consider my candidacy. I would also like to inform you that as I am finishing my secondary school in June 2011, my school- leaving certificate will be available for submission at the end of June 2011.
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