Statement of Purpose for Master´s Degree in Computer Science

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Statement of Purpose

I am applying to Virginia Tech for admission to the Master's program in Computer Science. The motivation to pursue graduate studies has developed after carefully considering my academic background, field of interest and the aspiration to work in a research oriented environment. I am interested in the field of Software Engineering and related areas, particularly in the advancement of large software systems.

It had really intrigued me to see how computing has revolutionized many spheres of life- from a simple accounting software and smartphone applications to complex system analysis in space exploration. All these advances aroused my curiosity to explore the opportunities which ultimately led me to select Information Technology as my major for Graduation at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, a premier engineering school in India. During the four years of my undergraduate course, I gained an in-depth knowledge of the core areas of Computer science and built a good mathematical base.

Believing that theoretical knowledge is best complemented when it is applied practically, I had worked on several projects. My first major project was under the guidance of Prof. Bhabhatosh Chanda, Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata in the summer of 2009. The pattern recognition project, titled “Hindi Optical Character Recognizer” involved recognizing three sets of Hindi characters using the Principal…
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