Statement of Purpose for Software Skills

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Bringing life into that dream is an art which requires a unique tool. For me, the tool for adding life to my imaginations is Software Skills. It is the most comfortable medium I could find in the course of my life to portray my imaginations to the canvas of reality. I always felt that the Software skill is the magic wand from fairy tales that could create wonders from imagination.

I am, an undergraduate in Computer Science, from a village in Kerala, India. My story of affection to work with computer and software started from my childhood. The complexities and the wonders inside a computer box attracted me towards it. There is a specific reason to say so. When I kid, I participated in a drawing competition sponsored by a detergent company to do a painting on life ambition. The magic of computer that deceived my thoughts was too strong, so that I couldn’t imagine myself working with something else. I painted a young guy(myself) with blue shirt sitting in front of a computer and thinking sophisticated ideas. My drawing skills weren't strong enough to win that competition, But the moment I realized how much I wanted to be creative with a computer skills.

This ever wanted feeling of exploring new option on computer made me sure that I should go for specialization on computer programming at higher education. That decision opened me the window for more advanced level of programming and more…

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