Statement of Purpose for a Career as a Pharamcist

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Everyone has a dream, a goal that they wish to achieve. It could be bizarre; it could be senseless. The point is that everyone has a dream. Throughout history, people have always worked towards their dreams, whether in determination or other means. It could result in violence like how the colonists chose to follow the American Dream instead of their king. It could happen by using pacifism like how Gandhi desired for India’s independence from British rule. I, too, have a dream; however, it is not so innovative like the American colonists’ or Gandhi's. My dream is to become a pharmacist; I want to be able to take the require courses for it, the responsibilities it possesses, and the benefits it gives. In the beginning of anyone’s career, they must prepare themselves mentally for the venture ahead. In order to qualify to be a pharmacist, one must graduate from an accredited college like Roseman University of Health Sciences or California Health Sciences University (“Pharmacy schools” www.ask). Pharmacy students must take courses involving biological sciences, chemistry, and mathematics. Some colleges may require two years of a second language like Latin or Greek (“Field of Study” www.iseek). Additionally, students must take specialized courses. These courses include pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and clinical pharmacy. After completing at least five years of the college, one must complete one year of internship under the supervision of a practicing pharmacist. Also, every
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