Statement of Purpose for a Career as a School Teacher or Book Critic

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A career should be something someone enjoys doing and doesn’t mind spending time on. With a career as an elementary school teacher or a book critic, the jobs would be enjoyable and a new experience every day. As a teacher, each day would bring new lessons and, each year, new students. As a critic, the end of one project would bring a new book with a new story, and possibly, a new employer. Before becoming a professional in either career, a Bachelor’s degree, a certain amount of training or experience, and a major in a content area related to the job is required. I’m excited for college and believe getting experience and a taste of the job before hand is a good idea, so meeting these standards would be enjoyable. The environment of either career is satisfactory, whether it is consistently in a classroom, or just anywhere with computer access, both of which are easy for me to work in. However, I think I would prefer the ability to work with the change of scenery that being a critic would bring. When I think about how teachers interact with students verses book critics not having much interaction with anyone, just the critic and the book, my choice becomes clear. While I enjoy the interaction teaching would bring, the career of a book critic where it’s just me, my time, and the story is much more appealing. I have been told multiple times that I would be a good teacher, but, until now, had never looked into what being a teacher meant, from the education requirements to the
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