Statement of Purpose for a Career as a Computer Architect or a Fitness Trainer

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A Computer Architect and a Fitness Trainer, two careers that don’t seem to even relatively be similar. However they are similar in one very large aspect. Both are careers that have caught my interest as things I would consider entering as long-term careers. There are also other ways in which these two careers are similar. For example, with both a fitness trainer and a computer architect I would need to have good people skills and the ability to work well with others. Now it may seem that a computer architect just sits at a desk and stares a computer all day but they also have to speak to other members of the team they are a part of(“College in Colorado”). These skills are required for a fitness trainer because they must be able to work with their clients(“Bureau of Labor Statistics”). This works well for me because I am not the kind of person who is shy and refrains from speaking with others and these two careers both give me the opportunity to speak to others and converse with them. However as expected both of these careers are also both different from each other. For one, what they do during the day. A computer architect does still sit at a computer a lot of the time and fixing, building, and testing programs in order to solve problems. They do most of this from a desk in an office with very little to no movement around besides going to speak to fellow employees(“College in Colorado”). On the contrary a fitness trainer exercises and helps others to exercise in away that is

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