Statement of Purpose for a Career in Aestrophysics

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Also the job doesn’t require allot of physical effort.
Reasons I like this job
This occupation is interesting because I like to lean how things work from time to time and OutSpace has always intrigued me. It’s hard to explain but OutSpace is the most fascinating thing to learn about. Everything from the stars at night to the possibility of having galactic neighbors puts me in complete awe. It’s just exciting to me and its impressive how vast and unexplored the universe is.
Is a branch of astronomy that is about the physics of everything of the universe, and heavenly bodies like galaxies, star clusters, etc. The job of the Astrophysics is to understand the universe. This occupation is constantly developing because every day we learn more and more about how the universe functions. Another objective of this job or occupation is to discover when, where, and how the universe began.
Degree requirements for the job
There are seven courses that are specifically required
• Astronomy 202, Radiative Processes
“Fundamental processes underlying why we see what we see in astronomy, geared towards graduate students. Applications explicitly treated in class include: 21 cm radiation from hydrogen; thermal radiation from dusty protoplanetary disks;…
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