Statement of Purpose for a Career in Nursing

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It is said that the environment of our upbringing plays a salient role in determining the ambitions we pursue, the moral values we cherish and ultimately, the lasting contributions we make to society. I firmly believe that my formative experiences laid down the foundation for passion for nursing and constitute one of the salient reasons why I am determined to pursue this profession. For me nursing, is more than a mere vocation, it is a moral commitment, the manifestation of my natural talents and the actualization of the deep-seated aspirations that I have nourished since childhood. My mother was an accomplished nurse and always set a remarkable example for me to follow by displaying virtues of compassion, moral courage and dedication to the public good. My life experiences compelled me to emulate her example by cultivating the virtues of compassion and genuine sensitivity to patients. My formative experiences and core values led me to enter this career in the capacity of a Certified Nursing Assistant where I was distinguished for not only my competence as a nurse assistant, but also for my remarkable sensitivity to the needs of the patients. I intend to continue to actualize my natural talents by pursuing a career in Nursing. To her profound dismay, the social, political and economic circumstances prevented her from living consistently with the lifelong aspirations that she imparted upon me. As natives of Sierra Leone, we were routinely subjected to the vicissitudes of

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