Statement of Purpose for a Career in Physical Therapy or Criminal Investigation

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Many people want to become them when they get older and they are steadily growing. Both a physical therapist (PT) and a criminal investigator (CI) must be in great physical shape and both must learn a lot to perform in their profession. As well as great mental and physical shape, they must maintain training throughout in order to succeed and stay in the job. These jobs appeal to me because I think I am in both physical and mental shape. Also, I am excited to learn new things and that is required by both professions. When looking at the differences however, there are much more. A PT must be a people person and help rehabilitate injured persons while a CI looks into crime either locally or federally and does not necessarily have to be a social, interactive person. Although both of these jobs have desirable aspects, I would prefer to be a physical therapist because I would like to interact with people more and physically help them recover.
To truly compare two careers, what the job entails should be the first research topic. A PT has much to do even when dealing with a single person. Overall, the main goal is to return the injured person to his or her former state of healthiness. First, the therapist must diagnose the problem or figure out what’s wrong. Then, they have to create a plan to heal the patient or make the pain go away and finally, a PT must execute their plan and “adjust it if it is not…
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