Statement of Purpose for a Career in the Performing Arts

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One moment you are laughing and the next you are crying. It teaches you the importance of love, empathy , and determination. You don’t learn these lessons just from watching a production but from being in one as well. People often ask me which is my favorite, acting, singing, or dancing and I often cannot answer. The fact is that they all connected. Each one relies on another to be successful. I use the technique I learn dance and apply it to my acting and I use the technique I learn from acting and apply it to my singing. I love that Musical Theater allows me to use all three aspects at the same time. It is challenging but it makes me feel alive. I firmly believe that words have energy. Musical Theater lets you exemplify that energy in a way that you can’t do by speaking, it uses a set of skills that are exclusive to performers who are passionate enough to use them. Musical Theater connects what we feel in our hearts to what we think in our minds.
I have many qualities and experiences that will benefit the Overtures Ensemble greatly. I attend the George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology where I study Theater Arts, Vocal Music, and Dance. Even though I am a rising senior in highschool my resume is expansive. I have been a dance captain at the Berklee School of Music, Co-Choreographed a musical, performed multiple times at the Lyric Opera House, and won state, local,…
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