Statement of Purpose for a Career in Pediatrcs

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My main interest in the medical field is pediatrics. This is because I would love to work with children. My dream occupation would include being a pediatrician or pediatric nurse. I would like to purse a profession in pediatrics because I love children and I feel like I have a lot to offer for their benefit. But, I am also fascinated in math and science. These interests have led me to the medial field, particularly in pediatrics. In college, I hope to narrow the decision of going to graduate school to become a pediatrician or pediatric nurse. However, I know I would like to work in the medical field with children. The key reason someone becomes a doctor is for the love of science or from personal experiences. Well, I fall between both categories. Growing up in a big family environment, children were always around and someone was always left to help take care of them, me. From the beginning, I learned the three basic reasons why a baby is unsettled, they were either hungry, tired or they need their diaper changed. But, in wanting to become a doctor, I know there are many other motives behind their cries. Being in the medical field you get to find these other causes. I always like to find the cause of a reaction. Recently my sister was sick, she was constipated, always tired and would have small like outburst here and there. I wondered what was possible wrong because I could sense something was wrong. I looked up possible causes based on her symptoms; which I learned prior

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