Statement of Purpose for a Career to Help People Achieve Overall Wellness

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Fresh fruits and vegetables were not common in the house I grew up in. If it were up to me and my brother, which most of the time it was, I would come home from school and eat a bag of potato chips with a cup of noodles on the side. Thus, I wouldn’t credit our slender body types to the food we ate. But from a young age, food labels and ingredients really interested me. It also started to occur to me, that my busy and loving parents may not have known all this junk food was so terrible for us. So, I started asking for changes at the grocery store. I remember my brother not being too happy about the switch from whole milk to one-percent. After I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in nutrition. However, by the time I was a senior in college, I had received many experiences that led me to my true passion: the field of public health. Nutrition is just one piece to the puzzle in the field of public health, and I would like to be involved in the greater picture in helping people achieve greater overall wellness. My first and current semester as a Public Health student at the University of Colorado Denver, has allowed me to experience online graduate level courses. I have not only loved the online format, it has allowed me to maintain a full time job, while still completing courses with a good grade. If accepted into Des Moines University, I will focus my education on learning, not just completing the class, just as I had in my undergraduate courses and
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