Statement of Purpose for a Residency in the Fileld of Family Medicine

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Upon entering medical school I had no idea what type of medicine I wanted to practice. I had originally anticipated that I would become some type of surgeon, because of my enjoyment of working with my hands and visual attention to detail. It wasn’t until after completing my core rotations that I envisioned myself as a family doctor.

During my rotations, the rounds were limited to inquiring about pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, passage of gas and inspection of surgical wounds. The patient interaction was unfulfilling, as the patient interaction was superficial and difficult to see the patient as a whole. I did, however, enjoy all the clinic aspects of all my rotations. I enjoyed caring for both the young and old, the well and sick, new problems and chronic ones. I was able to get to know people of different backgrounds; from the homeless, to Hispanic migrant workers, to upper class suburban individuals. I enjoy approaching complex problems in a systematic manner: taking a problem apart and dividing it into organ based systems, looking for connections, and searching for the root of a problem. My strengths lie in my ability to address and incorporate a person’s cultural and emotional well-being while tackling a generalized problem and narrowing the options down to a single source.

Ironically, I began to have a change of heart while attempting to impress my internal medicine attending by staying late after evening rounds to look up an interesting case on patient A.C..
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