Statement of Purpose for my Bachelor's in Hawaiian History

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Ten years from now I hope that I have graduated and earned both my B.A in Hawaiian History and M.A in Secondary Education. Recently I was inspired to become an educator in the public school system. A classmate and educator herself told me that the public school system needs passionate and dedicated teachers to assist in educating students who do not have the same privileges as private schools. She explained that public schools need teachers who will help students strive to the best of their abilities. With fewer resources, support, and funds public schools would benefit greatly from educators who choose to teach their students through hard work and commitment. Originally I had planned to become an educator at Kamehameha Schools, the school where I graduated. The advice I was given has convinced me that by choosing this career path, I will need to work very hard and make an effort not only to earn my degree, but also fulfill the requirements of a great teacher. A great teacher is someone who not only enthusiastically teaches a subject, but also makes a difference in the lives of his or her students. Teaching goes beyond the classroom, and lessons not only teach students about the subject, but about life as well. In my experience throughout my education, the teachers who have made an impact are the ones who actively participate in teaching their students and make sure that they understand the concept, and how it affects the bigger world around them. I chose Hawaiian History

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