Statement of Purpose for the Field of Electrical Engineering Essay

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I am an undergraduate Electrical Engineer having an interminable passion for gaining knowledge, determination to perform, desire to excel and an aim to explore the greatest avenues in the field of Electrical Engineering. This craving for proficiency and a strong will to enhance my professional skills have motivated me to take a step further by choosing to pursue Graduate studies in the discipline of Electrical Engineering at your esteemed University. From my school days I had the curiosity of knowing more than what is evident. For instance, Where a typical child would be busy admiring his toy, I have always been fascinated by the circuitry and assembly of it which actually makes it work. This skepticism about every machine that works made…show more content…
I took membership in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering(IEEE) where I thoroughly enjoyed the practical application of my knowledge by participating in Tier-1 events. And also presented many technical papers in inter college events with my best paper being “Blue Eyes Technology”. To keep up with the trends in my ever-evolving discipline, I had undergone training in MATLAB and Telecommunications.I have also done a mini-project on “Integrated Vehicle Access Control System”. Having developed strong fundamentals during under graduation and given my unquenched craving for the field of Electrical Engineering, the urge for taking up a career in research field by pursuing Master’s Degree has become my immediate career objective. By this I will be able to master various subject domains and also develop qualities of self-reliance accompanied by responsibility which is a characteristic of American culture.With my Major interests being Very large scale Integrated circuits and Embedded Systems, the choice of good University with dedicated faculty and in a research-oriented college ambience thus becomes essentially mandatory. After considering these factors diligently and going through your website I have found your University perfectly matches my requirements and caters to my thirst for knowledge.The research centers and labs at your University will give me an ample opportunity explore new
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