Statement of Purpose for the Marshfield Clinic Scholarship

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I am the daughter of Brian and Leah Goettl. My parents have been vital in my life, and without them, I would not be the person I am today. They have taught me many lessons about responsibility, accountability, compassion, and commitment. Everything I have learned from my parents will have an immense impact on my future. I also have a younger brother, Mitchell. He is my biggest fan and pushes me to be my best. With a little sibling rivalry along the way, we work together and learn from each other. My family supports me in everything I do and they have given me countless opportunities that I am so grateful for.
My family suggested I look into a career in pharmacy because of my caring personality and strengths in the science field. After graduating from high school, I will be attending pharmacy school at Drake University. I am interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy because it would complement my academic interests of math and chemistry, as well as my compassionate personality and desire to help others. I have chosen Drake because their pharmacy program has an excellent reputation, a 100% placement rate into the field, and the six-year program reduces the cost. This school offers an accelerated six-year pharmacy program to obtain a PharmD degree with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, instead of the eight-year pharmacy program that most schools offer.
I have done in-depth career research and planning that has helped me understand the pharmacy
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