Statement of Purpose of Computer Science

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Every generation has its own dimension. In the ages of Apes, man’s primary motive was to feed himself and so, he learned the means of hunting; In the Stone Age he learned means, which made his work easier and he invented tools in this pursuit; In the Iron Age he discovered technologies, he started manufacturing and later established business. This development saga of the man continued, always re-inventing him. Information is the dimension of the present age. How fast, how efficient and how effective your information is, decides the existence of a firm, a company, an organization and also an individual. Man, always is identified as an embodiment of knowledge; be it technical, academic or philosophical. I want to quench my thirst in this very knowledge, in the field of COMPUTERSCIENCE, by pursuing graduate study. I want to extend my knowledge in this field and increase applicability in the real time world. Back to those days of my childhood, when the development of computer and internet access were in the budding stages; I had been to a government office, where keeping track of a record of my application was tedious and time consuming; As a child this long waiting irked me, because I felt it was minimal work which could be done in less than few minutes. But to my surprise, I found myself waiting for hours to get that work done. After a couple of years, I have been to a shopping mall with my mom, where the billing was done using a computer. Then I felt
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