Statement of Purpose to Attend MIT

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APPLICATION ESSAY: MY GOALS, DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS HOW DOES MIT ALIGN WITH YOUR GOALS (E.G., ACADEMIC, PERSONAL, CAREER, EXTRACURRICULAR, ETC)? In the XXI century, it became clear to everyone that the society was about to change, and that it would do so rapidly. The transformation of the society from industrial to informational caught a lot of people unexpected, yet it was obvious that the time to redefine their place in the world had come. While my goals have admittedly not yet been defined with exact precision, I am still pretty certain about my future evolution as a public person, a committed professional, a lifelong learner and an entrepreneur, which the given educational establishment will definitely help me with. At present, I hope to attain an Associate Degree at Middlesex and then pursue my goal of getting a Bachelor Degree in Computing at your establishment. I am planning to use the results of the given research as the means to make a breakthrough in the field of information technology as people know it. Even with the current results, I already realize that I am at the threshold of discovering the information that will change the landscape of computing impressively. My key goals as far as my academic life and career go, therefore, concern the improvement of the current computing methods, as well as the analysis of the usage of informational technologies in general. I am trying to make a difference at the time when people need new ways of processing larger
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