Statement of Purpose to Study Economics

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The desire to study Economics at degree level was clear to me before I took my GCSEs. The insight the subject gave me, even at a basic level, was incomparable to any subject I had studied. It combined the analytical skills of Maths with the critical curiosity of English, the social issues of Geography, and the breadth of knowledge History provides. It was central to my progress at school: I was the highest achieving GCSE student and was awarded the Sixth Form Economics Prize. Continuing my study further, I realised how economics influences all human activity, not solely the financial world. I find the A-level course's presentation of macroeconomics engaging, however I continue to develop my understanding and appreciation of microeconomics through further study, taking particular interest in Behavioural Economics, a topic I look forward to exploring further in my degree. Paul Ormerod discusses the influence of networks in modern economics in his book 'Positive Linking', questioning traditional economic theories- in particular Nudge Theory- and their relevance in a modern social world. I found it compelling to read ideas that refute my previous 'textbook' knowledge, and a so-called 'social science's' reliability when it takes into account few social aspects. I believe Network Economics could potentially explain the recent economic downturn. Confidence- or a lack of- is a result of networks. Pre-recession, banks ceasing to trust one another spiralled out of control due to a
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