Statement of Purpose to Study Finance at Kent State University

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I choose to study finance because studying finance has enabled me to see the world in a different light. I’m aware that financial instability and its effects on the economy can be very costly due to spill over effects to other parts of the economy. This is like what happen during global recession 2008 where it affects many countries through increase in the poverty rate, increase unemployment rate, poor stock market performance and etc. This subject has inspired me to increase my awareness of the current world issues through regularly reading magazine such as “The Economist” , “The Edge” and etc. Reading several books, namely by Warren Buffet, Robert J.Shiller and others has provided me with a better understanding of finance world as well. I choose to study the financial market programme at Kent business school because Kent is in 30 top list universities in united kingdom, beside the programme has been recognised by two world renowned professional bodies, the CFA Institute and PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers’ International Association). During my undergraduate year, I have studied a financial market institutions subject where I learn the important of financial system stability towards the economy of a country. I have also actively doing research and collect as much information as possible on banking system, investing, stock market, merger and acquisitions, economics, etc. Besides that, I have carried out a research on a real life business which is Nestle (M) Bhd. I

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