Statement of Purpose to be a Disney Character or a Teacher

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Playing a character at Disney World and being a secondary school teacher are both jobs that have been dreams of mine for many years due to the fact that I could help make an impact in the lives of children. Both character actors and secondary school teachers are able to work with youth, and both occupations offer high job satisfaction. Disney World is one of the happiest places on Earth, and I always smile when I am there. I hope that I can one day put the same big, goofy grin on a little kid’s face that I have always had on my face when I am there. That is my biggest dream. Many of the people in my family have been teachers, including my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and several of my aunts and uncles. Teaching is in my blood, and I have always wanted to be a teacher. I think middle and high school students especially need good teachers, which is why I want to teach this particular age group. While being a character for Disney has education and skill requirements that I am close to meeting already and a high job satisfaction, teaching will be worthwhile for me in the long run.
The education and skills needed for the job of a Disney Princess are similar to each other, and the job satisfaction is high. Education in acting and in some cases, singing and dancing is extremely helpful. When one knows how to act, she can keep a smile on all the time. Singing and dancing come in handy if the actress will be performing in a Disney musical in one of the parks (“What is a
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