Statement of Purpose to become an Editor in the Field of Publishing

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I’ve thought of medical careers, a career in psychiatry, forensics, and writing. After plenty of research, experience, and self-evaluation, I think I’ve found a fairly solid fit. A fast moving, creative environment surrounded by interesting people, whilst utilizing my love for literature, a career in publishing is calling my name. Specifically, a career as an editor. Both book editing and script editing sound appealing to me, but for now I’ll focus on book editing. As an editor, I would have a working environment that suits me and appropriate skills for the job, such as interpersonal skills, language skills, writing skills, creativity, and being detail oriented. ( Also, values that are important to me would be a focus in this career, such as independence, achievement, and recognition. A career as an editor is a fulfilling career goal because of the ability to improve communication. (Cole 2) Just knowing that I want a career in editing won’t get me one, so how does one obtain this career? While a college education isn’t necessary in all cases, a Bachelor’s degree is typically something an employer looks for. ( Journalism, Communications, or English are typically the major most prospective employees have, if any. With strong enough writing skills, a Bachelor’s degree in another field may do just as well. Book editors who edit texts specific to a certain field, such as medical texts, may want to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in a science field, rather than say,
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