Statement of the Problem Female and Male Gender

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Statement of the problem Female and male gender

Roles in today's society reflect on more than just what others think about the man and female role. This paper will also show how and why people think this way. At the time of conception male and female babies are influenced to act a certain way by the actions of the people around them the most. A baby's sex distinction is developed prior to birth.
Gender differences are a matter of power, therefore, Masculine is typically a social priority over a feminine trait. The importance of gender is not important among infants, but the ways in which people think of boys and girls are set in motion patterns that will continue for a lifetime. As the infant grows up he or she will
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This paper will be somewhat limited in detail mainly focusing on men and women as a whole. By this research paper not focusing on individuals it focuses on majority of men and women in contemporary society. This paper will also tell why gender involves how societies link human traits and power to each sex. Gender varies historically and across cultures; some degree of patriarchy, however, exists in every society.

Definitions In this paper there will be words that everyone who reads this paper might not understand. The following words are: hermaphrodite, transsexuals, sexual orientation, patriarchy, matriarchy, sexism, gender stratification, minority, sexual harassment, meritocracy, status consistency, intergenerational social mobility, and intergenerational social mobility. The term hermaphrodite refers to a human being with some combination of female and male internal and external genitalia. Transsexuals are people who feel they are one sex though biologically they are another. The term sexual orientation refers to an individual's preference in terms of sexual partners: same sex, other sex, either sex, neither sex.
Patriarchy is a from of social organization in which males dominate females. Matriarchy is a form of social organization in which females dominate males. Sexism is belief that one sex is innately superior to the other. Gender stratification is the unequal distribution of
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