Statements of Competence Essay

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Statements of Competence Competency Goal Three: To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance By Tina Sieben As a para-educator, I believe it is imperative to not only meet the educational needs of our students, but also their emotional needs as well. Every day I strive to make each child feel welcome and cared for. I greet them with a smile, and call them by name. I ask them questions in an effort to get to know them, and often have conversations about the things they are interested in. I share with them my interests as well. For example, I have one student in particular who is an avid football fan and we often talk about the scores of our favorite NFL teams on Monday mornings. These interpersonal…show more content…
By keeping my expectations the same from day to day and child to child, I am not confusing the children as to what acceptable behavior looks like. My classroom and playground rules are the same for everyone; however the way in which challenging behaviors are corrected must be modified on an individual basis. I address challenging behaviors in as positive a way as possible. I use these behavior issues as a teaching opportunity instead of just an opportunity to provide “punishment”. By taking the time to explain why a behavior isn’t acceptable or appropriate and modeling the appropriate behavior for the situation, I am giving the child the knowledge they need to learn and use the appropriate behavior in the future. I find this is an effective way to show consistency in managing the classroom as a whole while still giving individual attention based on age, ability, and cognitive understanding of behavioral expectations. Children develop social skills and the ability to interact well with others at an individual pace, and providing guidance for the development of these skills should also be given on an individual basis. By recognizing a child’s developmental stage, I am more effective in teaching that child how to self-regulate his or her actions or re-directing them as needed. In conclusion I attest that I make every effort to
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