States Of Feelings Through Collaboration Or Series

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States of Feelings through Collaboration or Series Everyone has feeling whether they show them or not, and they have a great impact on how, what and why we create art. However, how much of our emotions are shown through our facial expressions? How well can another read those expressions versus how well can we read that same person’s of state of emotion through their art. None the less anger may result in strong gestural painting. Addition to anger any strong emotion can come through in whatever we create. History shows us that great works can come from a highly agitated state of emotion. This goes along with what Edvard Munch said about The Scream (1893), “For several years I was almost mad… You know my picture, The Scream? I was…show more content…
What is the juxtaposition between the feeling in the photograph and the title. If we observe the color pallets used in the examples we can see that they inspire melancholy in the audience. Color can be pivotal when expressing your state of feelings. How much do our deeper emotions drive our creations and do we ever hold back for fear of repercussions from our audience? Are you willing to put raw emotion out there for others to judge? How would you feel about sharing that with someone else? Collaborating on a piece that is deeply involved with your feelings. Would you feel safe to express your state of feeling through a work with another. Art evokes strong feelings in those that perceive it. When we look at art our state of feeling changes depending on what you see. Feelings are a fluid experience, constantly changing throughout the day. What would happen if you recorded your state of feeling over a period of time? The picture to the left is of the National Geographic’s Girl with the Green Eyes. The photograph was taken years apart yet it still elicits a strong emotional response from the viewer. I have picked Grade 10, but I feel that this could be done with many other grades as well. Learning Objectives Concepts Subject matter and expressive intention can be
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