Static And Dynamic Stretching Research Paper

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Effects of Stretching on Power and Performance
Megan Mahoney
March 18, 2016

Thesis: An analysis of the effects of static and dynamic stretching on power and performance.

Stretching is a vital component for warming up prior to exercise. It reduces the risk for injury by increasing flexibility and range of motion. Warm-ups generally consist of aerobic exercise followed by static stretching. The goal of warm-ups have been to increase body and muscle temperature which in turn increases nerve conduction velocity, enzymatic cycling, and muscle compliance (Behm & Chaouachi, 2011). There are also a variety of non-temperature related factors that occur during warm-ups. These include an increase in blood flow to the muscles, increase
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Power is the rate of external work and it is calculated by propulsive force movement speed (Edwen et al., 2014). Franco, Signorelli, Trajano, Costa, and Oliveira conducted research regarding the effects of static stretching on a variety of anaerobic test. The participants performed five different types of static stretching for five minutes and then performed the test. The results showed a decrease in strength and power that can be attributed to greater muscle elasticity, as well as a decrease in the cross bridge movement (Franco, Signorelli, Trajano, Costa, & Oliveira, 2012). Franco et al. (2012) discusses another study conducted by Edman and Tsuchiya. The research concluded elastic titin was an influencing factor in passive stretching. Due to its function of providing adjustments of passive tension, it is hypothesized to be the main structure responsible for muscle elasticity (Franco et al., 2012). In return, this can cause a decrease in muscle spindles and low activity level of alpha motor…show more content…
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