Static in My Head will Kill Me

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My head would be the cause of my death. The shuffling of my feet on the cold, dusty; yet moist ground sounded to me as it sounds to be under water. My ears rang like a bell; it felt like I was a hundred feet under water. I looked to the man next to me, he seemed to look familiar, but I couldn’t think how… I could hardly see him. Was it the dim light that shadowed the mysterious room? Maybe it was the dust and mist that surrounded me in the dark. Maybe my head was just hit into another dimension. “Relax; it will be all over soon.” He said. He even sounded like a man I knew, a man I knew in a life that I once loved. Or was it the life I live now? Hell, I don’t even know if I’m living my third life already. He tightened his grip for only a second till he threw me on the floor, as my head plopped to my right I saw another body be thrown and sent flying for just a fraction of a minute, a sickening crack followed on impact. His head rolled toward my direction. My breath was cut short as a giant, king sized mattress was dropped on top of us. I heard the enemies’ footsteps walking away, my vision began to clear; I looked to the mystery man next to me. What I saw was something I never anticipated, what I saw was what dropped my heart so low it burnt in my stomach acid for the millionth time in these past eight years. It was Ben, with a monster gash in his forehead, the gash he received before he was taken; the gash that was received in my place. Now he was
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