Statistical Analysis And Quantitative Methods

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Looking back, this course was very helpful in expanding my knowledge pertaining to statistical analysis and quantitative methods. Although I had some knowledge going into this semester from prior classes, I felt uneasy about statistical analysis and its applications. There were so many elements I had questions about and a variety of factors I wished to understand but that were unclear. Specifically, advanced statistical methods seemed to be shrouded in mystery – complex, indecipherable, abstract, and inaccessible thought constructs. Indeed, completing the weekly assignments and conducting the various statistical tests has aided in expanding my understanding of some of the advanced statistical tests, making them less incomprehensible. Working on the applications has also reemphasized the importance of wholly understanding the statistical analysis to be performed, its underlying assumptions, and possible limitations of the analysis to arrive at a plausible and cogent interpretation of the data. Furthermore, the brief exposure to statistical research designs at the beginning of the course has caused me to think critically about the type of analysis I will be conducting. Despite having been unable to settle on a specific design for my intended study, the review has provided me with the tools to understand the advantages and limitations, benefits and drawbacks of the various approaches. What’s more, gaining a better understanding of the designs and methods will enable me to
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