Statistical Analysis : Neonatal Weight, Neonatal Sex Distribution

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Results Statistical analysis included 153 patients; 79 in Group I and 74 in Group II. Table 1 shows no significant difference between group I and group II regarding mean maternal age, BMI, gestational age, parity and mean cervical dilatation at enrollment (P>0.05). Table 2 illustrates studied neonatal outcomes showing no significant difference regarding neonatal weight, neonatal sex distribution, Apgar score at 1st and 5th minutes, as well as mean umbilical artery pCO2, pO2 and mean umbilical vein pH (P>0.05). However, umbilical artery base deficit was significantly more and pH was significantly less in group I (P=0.015; P=0.029; respectively). Interestingly, Figure 2 illustrates no significant difference between group I and group II…show more content…
Discussion Although using oxytocin to augment dysfunctional labor has been investigated in few trials, most of these trials have focused on various outcomes; mainly duration of labor, rate of cesarean sections or instrumental deliveries and maternal experience with few of them (9-11), have measured neonatal outcomes as a primary outcome. The current study reported that low-dose oxytocin use is associated with reduction of neonatal umbilical artery pH and increase in base deficit without compromising the neonatal clinical condition or affecting Apgar scores. Oxytocin transiently compromises fetal circulation by increasing frequency, duration and strength of uterine contractions where this effect was studied by Olofsson et al. in 1996, using ultrasound and Doppler assessment where uterine and umbilical artery flow resistance increased significantly during uterine contractions reflecting rapid and exaggerated increase of vascular resistance in both arteries (12). The biochemical disturbance must be significant before Apgar score is affected (13). Moreover, some factors may influence Apgar score; including trauma, infections, drugs, congenital anomalies, hypoxia, hypovolemia and preterm birth. Accordingly, it is not appropriate to use Apgar score alone to establish the diagnosis of asphyxia (14). In the year 2008, oxytocin was added to the list of medications
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