Statistical Analysis Of Age Based Customers Behavior

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Running Head: HISTOGRAM ANALYSIS Running Head: HISTOGRAM ANALYSIS 14 Statistical Analysis of Age-Based Customers Behavior Name: Institution: Date: Table of Contents Introduction 3 Frequency Distribution of Customers based on their Ages 4 Measures of Central Tendency 5 The Arithmetic Mean 5 The Median 5 The Mode 5 Probability Distribution and Probability Density 6 Skewness of the Age Distribution 8 Kurtosis of the Histogram 10 Conclusion and Recommendation 13 References 14 Introduction The following report establishes the buying habits of the customers and determines what motivates them to come to our business. From research done elsewhere, it was noted that the age as well as the income level are major determinants of the buying habits of customers. In order to establish whether this really applies to our business as well, a survey was sent to a sample of 200 of our customers. The customers were asked to give their age and level of income only and they were rewarded with a gift card of $25 towards their next purchase. The response rate 62 percent (124 out of the 200 customers responded) and makes a good sample of customers that can be used in the statistical analysis of the customers? buying habits. The statistical analysis will involve the development and examination of the frequency distribution (histogram) chart, the probability distribution graph, the skewness of the histogram and the kurtosis of the histogram. Frequency Distribution
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